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Sending undocumented IR commands to your equipment may damage or even destroy it. By using this program, you agree to take the responsibility for possible damages yourself, and not to hold the author responsible.
Revision history
2014-02-01 Initial version, for version 0.9.0.


This is a collection of classes for accessing hardware for home automation and remote, in particular infrared, control.

It is intended as a support library for application programs, not as a user friendly program aimed at end users. It is currently used by programs like IrScrutinizer and IrMaster.

There are classes for infrared sending and receiving by communicating with IR sending/receiving hardware, for serial communication as well as ethernet communication with sockets or HTTP, classes for implementing LAN beacons and beacon listeners, among others.

It is largely designed upon interfaces, so that application programs can access different hardware, e.g. for IR sending, in a uniform way. See the class Main for an example.

Copyright and License

The program, as well as this document, is copyright by myself. My copyright does not extend to the embedded "components" ExchangeIR, DecodeIR. ExchangeIR was written by Graham Dixon and published under GPL3 license. Its Analyze-function has been translated to Java by Bengt Martensson. DecodeIR was originally written by John S. Fine, with later contributions from others. It is free software with undetermined license. IrpMaster is using ANTLR3.4 and depends on the run time functions of ANTLR3, which is free software with BSD license.

The program uses JCommander by Cédric Beust to parse the command line arguments. It is free software with Apache 2 license.

Serial communication is handled by the RXTX library, licensed under the LGPL v 2.1 license.

JSON handling is implemented using the "fast and minimal JSON parser for Java" by Ralf Sernberg, licensed under the Eclipse Eclipse Public License Version 1.0.

The program and its documentation are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3, making everyone free to use, study, improve, etc., under certain conditions.

API documentation

API documentation, generated by javadoc.