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Discontinued projects and old articles

Revision history
2014-02-02 Initial version.


In the near future, it is planned to move IrMaster to this section, since it is no more developed, being superseded by IrScrutinizer.

  • HarcToolbox, the old main project, no longer developed. Note that the name "HarcToolbox" denotes both this project, and the web site. Sorry for the confusion.
  • Transforming XML Export from Ir(p)Master, a tutorial article on generating "interesting stuff" (here, C code) from the XML export of IrpMaster and IrMaster. It is obsolete, since IrScrutinizer uses a different format (Girr) that is not quite compatible with the very simplistic XML format of IrMaster and IrpMaster. Actually, the XML export of these programs became obsolete before I had the time to document them...
  • Lirc2xml, a program for extracting IR codes from LIRC files. This is a patch to Lirc 0.9.0, and produces a command line C program. It is superseded by Jirc, written entirely in pure Java, thus attractive to integrate into other programs, like IrScrutinizer, offering a nice GUI.