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HARCToolbox downloads

Revision history
2012-05-01 Initial version.
2012-06-06 Updated for the releases 0.2.0 of IrMaster and IrpMaster.
2012-08-19 Updated for the release 0.3.0 of IrMaster and 0.2.1 of IrpMaster.
2012-11-18 Updated for the release 0.3.1 of IrMaster and 0.2.2 of IrpMaster.
2013-02-17 Updated for the release 0.1.3 of lirc2xml.
2014-02-02 Updated for the current setup.
2014-06-12 Updated for the IrScrutinizer 1.1.0 etc.
2014-09-27 Updated for the IrScrutinizer 1.1.1 etc.
2015-04-16 Updated for the IrScrutinizer 1.1.2 etc.
2015-09-10 Updated for the IrScrutinizer 1.1.3 etc.
2016-04-30 Updated for the IrScrutinizer 1.2 etc.
2016-08-30 Updated for the IrScrutinizer > 1.2 etc.
2017-07-09 Somewhat reorganized.


The current software is distributed through the Github repositories. This page servers two purposes:

  • It provides some convenience links to the Github repositories.
  • It provides links to some older versions, and some other files, not found on Github.

Current software

Old versions

Older versions of my software is made available here.

Old IR protocols

These files are now considered obsolete, since IrScrutinizer, IrMaster and IrpMaster can generate these protocols, and export them in a number of different formats.