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IR signal resources on the Internet — an annotated collection

Revision history
Date Description
2016-04-29 Initial version.
2017-03-12 Removed AWE Europe; it is not open to the public any more.


This page collects a number or Internet resources, that I have found usable for myself. There is an emphasis on free and open source resources. It is not by any means attempts to be an exhaustive list. Nevertheless, suggestions for additional entries are welcome.

The different services below may impose their own rules and conditions for their usage. It is the responsibility of the reader to observe these.
The correctness of the data cannot be guaranteed. Sometimes the data is incomplete, unparseable, or outright wrong. Sending undocumented IR signals to your equipment may put it in an unwanted state, or even damage it, possibly even irrevocably. By using this information, you agree to take the responsibility for possible damages yourself, and not to hold the author responsible.

With the exception of GirrLib, I am not connected with any of the sources below. However, I sometimes participate in the JP1 and RemoteCentral forums, and on the Lirc mailing list.

Downloadable data bases

Collections that can be (legally) downloaded in its entirety are listed here.

Name Format Home page Browse Download links Direct download Git Repository clone address Comment
IRDB Protocol/parameters as csv text files. Github project Manufacturers https://github.com/probonopd/irdb Data content for irdb as per below.
Mega List CML RemoteCentral Beta Can be imported in IrScrutinizer.
Lirc-remotes Lircd.conf Home page List Source Forge git://git.code.sf.net/p/lirc-remotes/code The entire directory tree be imported in IrScrutinizer.
JP1 master list Excel text Forum Download Direct DL Mostly textual information, protocol/parameters, and index (links) of downloadable files on the JP1 forum. Download only after registration and login at the JP1 forum.
GirrLib protocol/parameters, Hex, and/or Raw, packed as Girr. Github project Manufacturers https://github.com/bengtmartensson/GirrLib.git Not intended as a deployment IR data base, but rather as a collection of Girr examples.

General Services and file collections

NameFormat(s)Home pageReg. reqd.Comment
IRDB Protocol/parameters, Hex, UEI, Raw irdb.tk No Also offers rendering and decoding online (powered by the software from this site). Organized after manufacturers/device-type/protocol, not as devices. Does not "really" support protocols with other parameters than D (device), S (subdevice), and F (function). Directly supported by IrScrutinizer.
ControlTower Hex, sendir Home page Yes Non-premium users are allowed to download 5 code sets per day, per mail-only. Not directly supported by IrScrutinizer; use text/raw import of the mailed lists, Parameters name col. = 1, Raw signal col = 2 (or 3), field separator: , (comma), do not enable "Multi col. name" or "and subseq. columns".
Global Caché Infrared Database (old)Hex, sendirHome page Yes No longer actively maintained. The successor is ControlTower (previous row). Directly supported in IrScrutinizer.
JP1 lookup-Home page NoMostly textual information and links to downloadable files in the JP1 repository.
JP1 repository RMDU and others Dev. types Yes JP1 device upgrades are of limited use outside of the JP1 project, since they refer to executors instead of protocols.
Remotecentral Mostly proprietary file formats, sometimes Hex for individual commands. Index No Files organized after the remote's hardware. Pronto Classic ccf and Pronto professional xcf (most) can be imported in IrScrutinizer.

Specialized services/data bases

Description format Home page Reg. reqd. Comment
Rob Humphries Sony Remote Control Codes textual (protocol/parameters) Home page No Codes for Sony equipment, from 2007. See also this Excel list.
Yamaha master list protocol/parameters as PDF Download page No "...master collection of Yamaha IR Hex code files for all types of Yamaha's ...", from 2008.
Pioneer different Download server No Manufacturer supplied information, mostly not machine parseable.
Oppo Hex and Protocol/parameters as Excel files Oppo homepage, select Customer Service, product, etc. No Manufacturer supplied information.
Logitech Logitech proprietary Search page Yes Only usable with Logitech harmony remotes.